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It is my personal opinion that we have strayed from the path that would be the most beneficial for us because of adversity and desire for stimulation of many kinds. I am attempting to live a life that will exceed 120 years and the first 45 years were an absolute train wreck that ended in Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma. A little over 5 years ago I elected to change that course. I got sober with the help of A.A., and have continually made course corrections along that way to the point where I am now. It has all been trial, error, and adjustment. I'm approaching my understanding of dietary needs based on the overall metabolic cost of what we are putting in our bodies. I'm not trying to age as most of society currently does, dying after shriveling up and withering away at well under 100. I am approaching this as someone that wants to maintain a body that looks no more than 24 until I take my final breath. This is my basis.

I'm almost 50 years old and when people see me in person they are shocked because I look half my age. I have no wrinkles anywhere on my body and when I used to eat animals, I was aging just like the rest of society that consumes animals. I just can't ignore the outcome. It is inescapable. If someone wants to age in a manner consistent with those that eat an omnivorous or carnivore diet, then, by all means, enjoy the current status of aging and disease accumulation. I'm just not that guy. I like my youthful body, and including animals in my diet was not able to accomplish that.The result has been a removal of disease by reversal of that which aged me. I didn't intend on being a whole-food/plant-based adherent, but I couldn't escape its reality in the anti-aging arena.

I question everything, but I never eschew anything without my own research and testing by trial and error. The only thing I throw away is that which doesn't reverse aging.

This is my way.

Getting Started

What is the Terrain Physiology?

The intention of this wiki is to be a place to learn about Terrain Physiology and how it relates to health. This is based on a historical system often referred to as Natural Hygiene or Life Science. Terrain Physiology is antithetical to the Germ Theory of disease.

The Germ Theory of disease creation claims that microorganisms invade the body and that this is what causes disease. Despite the passage of more than 150 years, it has still not been scientifically verified. When subjected to credible third-party testing, the evidence supporting The Germ Theory fails to prove that any germ is the direct cause of any disease.

Terrain Physiology is a health model which states that the state of the Terrain (the internal conditions of the body) is the cause of dis-ease within the body. Terrain Physiology stands in contrast to Germ Theory which states that external invading “germs” are the cause of disease. Terrain Physiology grew out of the Terrain Theory of Antoine Bechamp and his contemporaries, with the discovery of Pleomorphism and the idea that “the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.”

The Terrain Theory of Disease Creation was expanded and refined over the following 150+ years, through the work of Natural Hygienists and the Study of Life Science. Through extensive clinical research, these scientists observed a correlation between disease creation and the number of toxins a person was exposed to, through diet and environmental factors. These disease conditions were then observed to reverse themselves when the diet and lifestyle conditions were corrected by a return to the natural fruit centered diet.

The Natural Hygienists also observed that there are two forms of disease symptoms, Constructive Symptoms and Malfunction Symptoms.

Constructive Symptoms are symptoms like “Colds” or “Flus”, where the body is expelling toxins/wastes/poisons. Malfunction Symptoms are when the body has moved into a Chronic state where the wastes (toxemia) is affecting the function of an organ or gland.

The Hygienists observed that when a body was returned to the natural fruit centered diet the Malfunction Symptoms would move into the Constructive Symptoms through the healing phase and then if the person remained on the fruit based diet the Constructive Symptoms would also be eliminated and would not return as long as the Terrain remained clean. Thus proving “Le microbe n’est rien, le terrain est tout.” (The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything) –The last words of Louis Pasteur - the father of The Germ Theory.

The science of Natural Hygiene I am presenting is based a terrain model of human physiology, which has been silenced in many ways since the dawning of the Industrial Revolution and the growth of the allopathic model of medical practice. This along with allopathy as a mode for treatment of disease, i.e., with prescribed drugs that are proposed to have the opposite effects to the symptoms. Allopathy as a mode of treatment has been the foundation of what some refer to as, 'Big Pharma.'

It is my goal to bring back a more historical approach to health, wellness and life that is not hindered by disease.


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