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Hi, my name is Michael J. Loomis. I am currently the chief cook and bottle washer of Terrain Wiki. The purpose of this Wiki is to archive the history of Natural Hygiene as it relates to Terrain Physiology. A way of understanding how the human body works and its unique needs in its course of daily life.

The current project I am working on is editing and formatting and adapting the Life Science Health System - T.C. Fry to this Wiki format for easy search and indexing of the document. As a personal project I plan on translating it into a New Living Translation adapted to reading like a book rather than a teaching curriculum.

For more information about me you can find me on Facebook at https://fb.com/michaeljloomis

You can also visit my personal blog or a quarterly journal I am working on called Chew Digest. Enjoy

What the name "terrain" is referring to and why I do I use that term? The sum total of bio-chemical mass that makes up the total of our body that has needs and a will apart from our will or consciousness. I like to think of it as the agency or consciousness that has been evolving for tens of thousands of years before my consciousness was ever aware of its existence.

What is Terrain Physiology?

-Coming Soon-